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Photo of the new Lilypad Ecopolis concept

What will the future commnuties look like? Some say the Hydropolis is our future

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As climate change becomes increasingly apparent many people are starting to think the only way we can survive into the next century is to live on water. Such projects like the Hydropolis Hotel in Dubai and the Concept of the Tokyo City in Pyramid have been around a while but we're taking a look at some of the new designs like the Lilypad project pictured above. Also, to see what Al Gore 'the titan of rising temperatures' is saying about the current problem check out this weeks TED Video selection of him in the Education section

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International Business

International Business

Google, in a recent post on their official blog, talk about how they are making efforts to "go green" and some technologies they may utilize to cut down on their carbon footprint. One simple idea they're working on is making small server and computer tower power supplies more energy efficient. Current power supplies waste 30-45% of power, which, through simple modification could be reduced to 10, you can read more about their path Towards a more efficient computing infrastructure here.

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About The Green Screens Project

Somewhere amongst the pages of this site, lie the technologies that will define this generation, the era of destruction of our eco-systems will soon pass. We here at the Green Screens Project are on the forefront of tomorrow. When, technology will inevitably become sustainable and renewable and then one day begin to fix the damage done throughout centuries of pollution. If you have any questions or ideas for topics to be covered on the site myself and the rest of the team would love to hear from you.